Our Core Values

We understand that it is our people who create the products and provide the services that our customers rely upon, and who will enable us to create new opportunities for years to come.


Our customers’ needs continue to grow and evolve. For those reasons, our team has a customer-centric approach that is the focus of all we do. We care more about working hand-in-hand with our clients than simply selling a solution or product.

Communication doesn’t end once a brand becomes our customer; we work together to ensure that every business gets the most out of the system or solution they are using.

XenTag is experiencing exponential growth and is looking for skilled and talented individuals to join our team. We invest in our employees by providing them with exceptional one-on-one training while focusing on their development, ensuring upward mobility and personal and professional growth through regular career progression sessions.

Apply to the jobs below by emailing us [email protected]

Job Openings

Sales account executive & planner
Mississauga, CanadaRemote
UX Designer
Mississauga, CanadaRemote
Senior front end engineer
Mississauga, CanadaRemote
Senior full stack engineer
Mississauga, CanadaRemote
Product Manager
Mississauga, CanadaRemote