Digitize Your Stadium

Make your venue lead the charge in the digital revolution of sports entertainment. Unlock innovative engagement, transactions,  digital experiences and amplified revenue with just a tap. Lead your stadium into the future with XenTag.

Winning Outcomes
with Xentag

Less friction, more earnings

Let your fans enjoy more game and your stadium more sales. With a simple tap, fans can access a seat-specific digital experience - no app required.

Fan engagement like never before

Help fans engage with their favorite teams with exciting game day apps like Fannex. Digital games, interactive competitions, live stats - bring the game to life on a whole new level.

Lay the groundwork for the future

Install a digital ecosystem where every seat is loaded with innovation potential in marketing, sales, visitor-experience, and logistics.

How does it work?

Your visitor simply taps the seat’s xentag with their phone to open a
world of personalised digital experience.

Imagine the Possibilies

Lay down a digital ecosystem where every seat is loaded with new
potential in marketing, sales, visitor-experience, and logistics.

Exclusive merchandise on game day

Imagine a game day where every ticket holder has the chance to buy exclusive merch, personalised for them by name, and loaded with event highlights and stories.

In-seat Convenience

Picture a stadium where convenience is king, and fans no longer need to miss crucial moments of the game to stand in line. Adopt an Uber delivery model and have your food, drinks, and merchandise orders delivered directly to fans’ seats.

Creative Crowd Coordination

Whether it’s coordinating colors for a team chant or creating live, interactive polls, bring everyone together in a display of unity and spirit, and set a new standard for event participation.

“When we brought XenTag into Fannex Stadium, it transformed everything. We’re seeing revenue growth and the feedback from fans is incredible. They love the convenience of getting access to a digital stadium experience right from their seats. Fans love easy access to everything & we see that they love tapping their phones! It’s not often you find a tech solution that delivers on its promise like this.”

Kemal Leslie
Fannex Owner