Cultish Connects Creative Minds with XenTag

Cultish is “the first web3 enabled marketplace for independent cult brands, connecting producers, products, and owners through digital identity.”

Their mandate centres around consumers buying stories over products and services. To that end, Cultish harnesses the idea that technology connects people through products whose reputation and origins inspire “cultish” followings. They accomplish this through their auction site that connects artists with end customers for a truly unique creative experience.

Cultish is a platform to launch new collections, a gallery, a marketplace, a community and a collaborative space. Their mission of curating prestige products and honouring their provenance matches closely to the solutions that XenTag offers.

The solution

Our XenTag specialists helped Cultish mobilize their platform with customized Near Field Communication tags (NFCs) to embed within their SKUs. Unlike RFIDs (radio-frequency identification), NFC tags are one- and two-way communication capable, which is perfect for inventory tracking and enhanced communication between two devices.