XenTag Partners with TruWood Watches for Sustainable Impact

The doyens of eco-friendly accessories, Truwood is focused on sustainability and creating an impact. Helping “adventurous professionals find one-of-a-kind watches and accessories made from wood” is not only part of their business model, but a promise that their business practices will help the environment.

For example, TruWood plants ten trees for every watch sold. Planting trees removes “megatons of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere and restore(s) biodiversity.” What’s more, planting trees employs farmers in poverty-stricken and underserved communities, allowing them to provide for their families.

The ask

TruWood reached out to us to have Near Field Communication tags (NFCs) embedded in their products for proof of ownership, and to ensure that Trees for the Future would receive contributions for tree-planting work.

The solution

NFCs are cryptographically secured by XenTag before being shipped to product manufacturers in batches. As the watch with the embedded tag moves down the supply chain, information is attached to the batch using a smartphone application.

Once the product gets into the hands of consumers, they can interface with the product using the XenTag app on an Android or iPhone device to check the product’s authenticity, product care information, or proof that they are genuine users and as such can offer legitimate product feedback.

All TruWood product data is protected by 3 layers of security; the tag hardware and the stored data is far more secure than QR codes or barcodes, and cannot be replicated.

By authenticating their products and ensuring end-to-end data access and authenticity, TruWood and XenTag are ensuring a greener future.