We design, manufacture and encode tags that seamlessly fit into your products. We make product digitization easy.

How it works

Step 1

Tag setup and encoding

  • Tags are setup according to product characteristics from the xentag website.
  • Tags are ordered in batches and encoded. Encoding machine can be at your location.
  • (Entire setup process for 1-10000 tags is between 10-30 min, encoding process is between 1-3 hours).
  • Encoded tags can be directly attached to the product.
  • Each tag is unique and self contained.

Step 2

Consumer interacts with your product

With a simple tap of their phone, consumers can interact with the product in various ways, including:

  • Checking product authenticity
  • Checking product care information
  • Offering proof that they are genuine users and as such can offer legitimate product feedback
  • Brands and sellers can add customer engagement features such as warranty, returns, loyalty points, offers and discounts


Our smart tags are drop-in replacement for the existing tags and labels
We offer multiple form factors in different type of encasings like PPS / PVC/Silicone and paper
For high-volume use the encoding machine can be placed at your production facility

  • XenTag Secure
  • XenTag Tamper Proof

XenTag Secure

  • Blockchain ready
  • Protected communication via frictionless interface
  • Patent pending secure technology
  • AES-128 cryptography to generate UUID

XenTag Tamper Proof

  • Physical Tamper loop
  • Current-status detection to verify the status of good

Blockchain ready

Exchange digital assets on
multiple NFT platforms

AES-128 cryptography
to generate UUID

Unlock the potential of your products