We’re here to help. Below find answers to some of our most common questions. If you still have questions feel free to drop us a line. Remember all of our plans come with dedicated platform support.

What products can I enable with Xentag?

Any physical product that is part of your brand can be connected with XenTag, including packaging, promotional assets and event materials. ZenTag brings your assets to life with experiential technology that creates dynamic new content and sends it directly to your customers.

What types of devices can read the NFC chips?

NFC technology supports iPhone and Android devices.

What does XenTag refer to when describing digital “experiences”?

The dynamic experiences we refer to are customized websites built into the XenTag platform. These sites offer relevant product information, its location, interaction history and much more. 

Digital experiences mean that targeted, personalized content gets delivered to your clients, strengthening your retail relationship and building consumer trust.

What kind of analytics or KPIs do XenTag provide?

XenTag offers real-time metrics around interaction with your product and engagement with your brand.

How much do NFC chips cost?

NFC chips are priced based on several factors, including functionality, quantity, security level, associated services like blockchain and/or customer engagement features.

What is the XenTag initiating process?

Although fairly simple and straightforward, we will set you up for success by assisting you throughout the entire onboarding process. We’ll help you enable and encode your products, support the building of your digital experiences and help you develop your launch. Finally, we’ll train your team to become subject matter experts on the XenTag platform.

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