Protect your
brand with XenTag

Industry’s highest level of security for NFC tags. Encrypted, tamper-proof tags which allow your customers to securely evaluate the authenticity, origin, history, and proof of custody of your products.


Each tag is linked to a unique secure digital certificate that provides ownership to your item. Our physical tags leverage the industry’s highest levels of security for NFC tags. This prevents them from being susceptible to cloning that may be faced with QR codes and other more commonly used NFC tags. Additionally, we’ve added software security layers using a secure public blockchain.

Lost and found & Product RECALL

If an item is ever lost or stolen, the digital certificate of ownership remains with the original owner and the owner can mark the product lost to help in the recovery of the item. Companies also can engage their customers if a product is defective – allowing them to speed up the recovery of products and reduce liability and other costs.

Ownership HISTORY

Customers can securely transfer ownership of their Xentag-enabled items into their digital wallet. Transferring ownership is made easy by allowing customers to transfer into most digital crypto wallets.

Retail’s first PUBLIC BLOCKCHAIN network for digital products

Unlock the potential of your products