Protect your brand and transform your wine and spirits into a digital experience with a customized, scalable, brand-owned platform.

Enabling Connected

  • For Brand
  • For Customer

The XenTag platform provides you with the dynamic tools to create scalable, customized digital brand experiences.


Build connected digitized
products with XenTag
secure NFC tags


Build product micro sites and
customer engagement experiences
using XenTag site builder


Get real time usage, consumption
and demand information by
product and batch

Interacting with smart products is easy.


Tap the product with a
smartphone to activate the
NFC chip


Gain access to detailed
product information without
having to download an app


Submit warranty claims, resell
your products, view proof of
ownership, and so much more

Set Your Brand Apart

Stay at the forefront of consumer visibility and engage your customers like never before with unique, interactive digital products.

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Ensure Consumer Protection Via Anti-Counterfeiting Initiatives

An estimated 20-25% of wine sold worldwide is fraudulent in some way. XenTag provides a versatile, accessible and convenient strategy to help prove authenticity and protect your brand.

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Foster Consumer Engagement to Boost Product Appeal

Smart products mean new retail possibilities. Improve your company’s carbon footprint with secondary sales Рand new customers.

Be transparent with customers – create digital experiences that inform them on materials, sourcing and labour practices.

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Provide Consumers with Brand Visibility

XenTag can equip products and packaging with brand-focused content and product information. With one scan, customers can see product history, enhanced product information and customized, digital, brand-owned experiences at a glance.

Unlock the potential of your products