We are enabling brands big and small
to leverage our accessible technology
to build connected products


Coupons redeemed
through mobile in 2022.
Up from $1.3B in 2017.


The total estimated
value of counterfeit and
pirated goods in 2022.


Buyers are more likely to
make a purchase when
brands offer personalized


EU Mandate deadline for digital
product passports to improve
tracability around products to
support repair/recycling.

Turn Products Into The Ultimate Platform

Enabling Connected

  • For Brand
  • For Customer

The XenTag platform provides brands with the tools they need to create dynamic, personalized digital experiences at scale.


Build connected digitized
products with XenTag
secure NFC tags


Build product micro sites and
customer engagement experiences
using XenTag site builder


Get real time usage, consumption
and demand information by
product and batch

Activating NFC products is as easy as 1,2,3


Tap the product with a
smartphone to activate the
NFC chip


Gain access to detailed
product information without
having to download an app


Submit warranty claims, resell
your products, view proof of
ownership, and so much more

Engage customers with your products

Turn your products into personalized media channels that invite customers into a world of information – including authenticity, origin, storytelling and services.

Gain visibility and new customer insights

Gain valuable product feedback, learn how customers interact with their items and access real-time, actionable data across their life cycles.

Generate continuous revenue and royalties from your products

Identify and authenticate products instantly to scale resale, recycling and other new business models.

Industry Use Cases

While the possible applications of Xentag are endless, here are the top industries that we serve

Unlock the potential of your products