How Marcozo Gave Clients a Unique Experience in Luxury Jewelry

Marcozo not only specializes in premium jewelry, but raises the bar for unique pieces that last a lifetime. Their selection of chains, pendants, bracelets and rings is a master class in luxury, and the company wanted to take their offerings to the next level by offering a jewelry experience.

The ask

Members of their sales team reached out to us to create a system of verification to authenticate their products, as well as deliver a personalized message to select clients.

As with most luxury brands, Marcozo realized that stolen and counterfeit goods continue to swamp the global economy.

In fact, it’s estimated that more than 80% of the population has handled counterfeit goods, either knowingly or otherwise. One study suggests that counterfeits have increased by 10,000% over the past two decades.

Diminishing not only the prestige of these brands but the trust of consumers who purchase them, counterfeit goods represent a growing underground market that values profit over integrity.

The solution

Our specialists created a certificate that could be attached to custom pieces. When scanned, these certificates authenticated the manufacturing process.

As a special gesture, scanned items also displayed a special “shout-out” video to the client by the piece’s designer. Talk about one-of-a-kind!

Digitizing their goods with XenTag helped Marcozo reach new consumers, and endless possibilities.