Turn Your Swag into Gold

Set your creativity free. Make every piece of your merch a verifiable treasure with XenTag and propel your brand into the world of collectables for your superfans.

Merch much?

Everybody loves merch! But let’s face it, it’s a messy business.

Creative freedom vs. tight margins

Why does merch move so slowly? Because fans don’t want just another t-shirt. And because original design and quality manufacturing costs more than what fans are willing to pay.

Drop hype vs. drop off

New merch always starts selling strong but quickly loses steam. Keeping your merch fresh and your fans interested is no small feat.

Viral victories vs. counterfeit crooks

Your viral hit becomes a magnet for counterfeiters leeching off your success. Is the battle of protecting your merch worth it?

We see you. We know the heavy lifting it took build your brand. You deserve to leverage its full potential. And that’s why we want you to reimagine your merchandise: Totally unique. Drool worthy. Drop frenzied.

Limited edition collectibles

Xentags unlocks your opportunity to push the boundaries and create truly remarkable merch at uncapped prices. This value is compounded by building tiered perks into the xentag user experience.

Unlock secondary markets

Xentags gives your products a life of their own. By guaranteeing the authenticity of your merch, your fans can trade them in online communities, marketplaces, or even your very own secondary marketplace.

Offer exclusive access

Your merch tags are linked to NFT blockhain tech. This enables you to grant selected items access to special perks and events (think AMAs, VIP access, memberships, voting rights etc). The possibilities are endless!

Help your fans buy the real thing

Make every piece of your merchandise a secure, verifiable treasure. Xentags are cryptographically secured to assure your fans that they’re getting the genuine article, especially critical when it changes hands.

Offer Exclusive Content

Unlock special content for fans, from behind-the-scenes videos to private concerts or podcasts, collaborations with other icons, to personalised video messages to new owners, making each purchase more than just a transaction.

Earn Royalties

Benefit from every resale. Track and allocate royalties back to you, ensuring that your creativity continues to pay long after the initial sale, creating a sustainable revenue stream.

Evaluating Your Options?

Understand Why XenTag’s blockchain powered NFC tags leads the way.

Authenticity with NFT

Link your merch to NFT certificates of authenticity, making each item uniquely yours.

Unrivalled Security

Cryptographically secure, unique, un-cloneable tags for product verification.


We can encode small quantities on demand, or thousands of tags daily


At just ±$1.2 per tag, we’re the most competitive price for blockchain tags.

How does it work?

Embarking on your journey with XenTag is effortless. We collaborate directly with your merchandise
manufacturers to embed our NFC tags, ensuring you don’t have to sweat the logistics.


Create you product range’s micro site
using XenTag’s site builder.


Create a series of limited editions for
your range with tiered perks.


Manage your digitised merch’s comms
and features with XenTag’s platform